Shorten the distance between engineering and execution

In the future, the best business won’t necessarily be about having the biggest plant. It’ll be about an operation’s ability to deliver the right volume, wherever, whenever – and fast. That kind of speed was deemed a pipe dream in the past, but with ModuLite™, the dream of fast-deploying, small- or medium-scale production becomes a highly feasible reality.

Pairing trusted TOPSOE™ technology with modular design, ModuLite™ provides a solution for decarbonized or ultra-low-carbon production at scalable volume, strengthening your renewable footprint through standardized setup and processes. Its reliable, pre-designed concept guarantees fixed up-front CAPEX, and shortens your time to market by minimizing site-specific engineering and construction requirements.



Minimize your challenges. Maximize your results.

The world is setting standards for smart, climate-conscious production across every industry, and ModuLite™ is no exception. Partnering with us positions your business at the forefront of plant design that’s both environmentally and economically sound from the very start.

We’ll collaborate from initial feasibility and performance evaluation, and continue far beyond startup to focus on maintaining and optimizing your plant. With long-term competitiveness sustained by continual improvements and upgrades to the core ModuLite™ offering, we’ll help you maintain market-leading performance and safeguard your investment. The result is minimized cost and elevated investor confidence throughout the plant lifecycle.

Even the smallest plant should match the highest standard

No matter the yield of a plant, its impact on the planet is still one of our greatest concerns. ModuLite™ plants are designed with the climate in mind, minimizing environmental footprint with proven systems for carbon-intensity reduction.

Reduce your carbon footprint with reliable consistency across every aspect of your operation, and proactively address the emerging need for clean, small-scale chemical production, all while maintaining closer physical proximity to markets to reduce transportation-associated emissions, as well.


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