H2bridge™ 技术

Unprecedented GHG savings with H2bridge™

Hydrogen units are not just a utility anymore. They are profit-makers.
A significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) come from the massive consumption of hydrogen used to hydrotreat renewable feedstocks that contain oxygen and unsaturated compounds. With H2bridge™, refineries and biorefineries gain a circular solution that helps replace external fossil feedstocks with renewable LPG or naphtha to produce hydrogen. Depending on the plant’s requirements, it is possible to become self-sufficient and eliminate the consumption of natural gas.

With H2bridge™, you can generate unprecedented greenhouse gas emissions savings and lower the carbon intensity of renewable fuels. This not only supports you in meeting legislative requirements; it also fully integrates with HydroFlex™ to create a seamless feed-in to product-out process – all from one licensor responsible for technology, catalyst, execution, and technical services.

Renewable fuels
Integration provides the lowest carbon footprint

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Business advantages from H2bridge™ and HydroFlex™ integration.
Integrating the HydroFlex™ and H2bridge™ units utilizes the recycling of the hydrogen from the off-gasses from the hydrotreating process. This allows the size of the H2bridge™ unit to be reduced, thereby lowering CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Renewable naphtha and LPG can also be used as feedstock for hydrogen production, eliminating the use of an external fossil feed. H2bridge™ also improves heat integration and drops the use of water to the lowest levels in the industry, further reducing OPEX costs.


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