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Renewables | Naphtha from renewable feedstocks

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Increasing consumer and regulatory demands for non-fossil fuel streams makes renewable naphtha an asset – and it is something that refineries already have at their disposal.

Naphtha is a natural byproduct that comes from converting renewable feedstock into diesel. In addition to being used as a fuel and feedstock source, bionaphtha can also be thermally decomposed and separated to create ethylene and propylene, two raw materials used to make plastic.

The advantage of naphtha over other feeds is that it’s renewable and already produced in the fuel production process. Refiners can add value to their renewable naphtha by selling it.

Renewable naphtha can be used as:


  • Feed for steam crackers in plastic production, thanks to its paraffinic molecules and little to no contaminants or oxygen.
  • Feed for H2bridge, an integrated hydrogen unit that turns renewable feed sources into hydrogen with low greenhouse gas emissions.
  • A gasoline blending component to increase renewable percentage.


Pressure is intensifying on the plastics industry and refineries to create recycling-based renewable initiatives. This pairs with the fact that global waste levels are predicted to grow by 70% by 2050. As EU regulation and consumer demands for fuel and plastics from non-fossil sources grow, bionaphtha will become a progressively more valuable resource.

Now is the time for refineries to turn their waste into value by selling or re-using their naphtha. Talk with a Topsoe representative to learn more about how you can make the most of your excess naphtha today.


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Globally, refineries are facing tough legislation to reduce emissions

36 bilion

By 2022, US refineries must add 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel to the country’s total fuel consumption.

30 %

By 2030, at least 32% of EU’s energy consumption must come from renewable sources.

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