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Renewables | Diesel from renewable feedstocks

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Tailored to the specific needs of your refinery, HydroFlex™ is a proven industrial technology for producing green diesel. It is capable of transforming almost any renewable feedstock into high-quality HVO diesel, with resulting fuel meeting all ASTM 975 and EN 590 specifications.

With its high cetane number and low sulfur content, you can blend this renewable diesel with lower-grade fossil diesel, so it complies with today’s ever-tightening legislation.

By hydrotreating renewable feedstocks with a single-unit HydroFlex™ solution, you get low-CAPEX EN 590 diesel with a higher cetane number than conventional diesel. This new, renewable diesel is ideal for blending with fossil-based diesel to satisfy legislative demands.

You can also specify the performance of the diesel via summer or winter modes. Regardless of the chosen method, HydroFlex™ will produce drop-in renewable diesel that is compatible with all conventional diesel engines, without the need for any modification.

Looking to produce HVO diesel to comply with new legislation or expand your range of applications? That’s possible, too, by revamping your existing single-unit HydroFlex™ solution – and you won’t lose the ability to produce EN 590 diesel.


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Globally, refineries are facing tough legislation to reduce emissions

36 bilion

By 2022, US refineries must add 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel to the country’s total fuel consumption.

30 %

By 2030, at least 32% of EU’s energy consumption must come from renewable sources.

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