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Renewables | HVO-100 diesel

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Future-proof your refinery with HydroFlex™ and turn vegetable oil to fuel.

With HydroFlex™, you can produce renewable gasoline, jet fuel and diesel from almost any alternative feed, including tall oil, used cooking oil, animal fats and vegetable oils.

You can use almost all alternative feeds to create high-grade HVO-100 diesel. Blending HVO-100 diesel from vegetable oil with fossil diesel decreases sulfur content and raises the cetane number. That allows you to meet – and often exceed – today’s legislative and market demands for clean diesel.

The complex process used to get diesel from vegetable oil differs significantly from refining non-renewable fuels – and it requires a significant investment. But it is also profitable.

From feasibility study to commissioning and beyond, we ensure optimal processes and solutions that will help your business and our collaboration thrive. By working closely with you, we will tailor HydroFlex™ to the layout of your unit, your range of alternative feeds, and the specifications of the renewable fuels you aim to produce.

Future-proof your refinery with HydroFlex™ and turn almost any alternative feeds into high-grade HVO-100 diesel. Then, you can meet today – and tomorrow’s – legislative and market demands for clean diesel.


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Globally, refineries are facing tough legislation to reduce emissions

36 billion

By 2022, US refineries must add 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel to the country’s total fuel consumption.

30 %

By 2030, at least 32% of EU’s energy consumption must come from renewable sources.

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