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Renewables | Jet fuel from renewable feedstocks

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Expand your refinery business with HydroFlex™ and start producing green jet fuel. This solution lets you convert renewable feedstocks into drop-in, ultra-low sulfur bio jet fuel. Our proven, comprehensive system lets you produce renewable jet fuel from practically any feedstock.

Processing renewables for jet fuel requires more units and a more complex layout than that for regular diesel. But with HydroFlex™, you can build a flexible unit that can switch from producing 100% diesel to 100% green jet fuel.

At Topsoe, we often take our research and development programs and ramp them into fully commercialized products. We invest around 9% of our revenue in R&D, allowing us to carry out market-driven research into catalysts and process technologies – including products like renewable jet fuel. And we never stop developing and refining our products or the processes that create them.

Future-proof your refinery against today’s changing legislative and market demands and grow your business by producing bio jet fuel with HydroFlex™.


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Globally, refineries are facing tough legislation to reduce emissions

36 bilion

By 2022, US refineries must add 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel to the country’s total fuel consumption.

30 %

By 2030, at least 32% of EU’s energy consumption must come from renewable sources.

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