eREACT™ Fuels: New technology essential for electrofuels production

Reverse Water-Gas Shift (RWGS) has long been a process converting hydrogen and carbon dioxide into a syngas for fuels production, but as the world shifts from conventional fuels to electrofuels (eFuels), producers need to know that their operations can contribute effectively to global sustainability initiatives. With eREACT™ Fuels, TOPSOE™ can provide customers with the means to fully electrify fuels production operation including benefits of exemplary carbon and hydrogen efficiencies. The eREACT™ Fuels technology is an essential building block for the production of PtL SAF (sustainable aviation fuel).

By utilizing electrical heating instead of traditional fossil combustion, eREACT™ Fuels allows for production of high-quality fuels using only renewable electricity, green hydrogen, and captured CO2 – at a carbon-efficiency rating that can exceed 95%.The resulting syngas exhibits an ideal H2/CO ratio with minimal inert content, and can be upgraded into a variety of high-quality, high-value fuels products.

  • Increase the carbon efficiency of your e-Fuels-production plant and capitalize on the low carbon-fuels market with a highly competitive, high-volume solution
  • Monetize existing CO2 sources by integrating them with our eREACT™ Fuels process for the production of eFuels
  • Minimize both your green hydrogen and renewable power consumption
  • Improve your CAPEX savings when utilizing green hydrogen and renewable power



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