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When it comes to realizing a net-zero world of decarbonized industry, transport, and infrastructure, there are a lot of promises being made – but the world can no longer deal in promises. It can only deal in progress. Progress alone separates leaders from talkers, and we know which of those matters these days. 

Your goals are feasible, no matter how grandiose they might seem on paper. Whatever you’re producing, the solution for its decarbonized production already exists in our portfolio, and we’ll help you bring it to life from start to finish, and beyond. 

Whether you want to transform your business with blue or green technologies, work with Power-to-X or Bio-to-X, or upcycle plastic, your progress towards zero-emission production will make us leaders together – and anything else will just make us talkers. So get in touch when you’re ready to make the kind of progress that leads the world in its best direction.


Green Hydrogen Hydrogen is recognized as the foundational element of heavy-industry decarbonization, but ensuring sustainable, large-scale availability ranks among the global energy revolution’s biggest and most expensive challenges. Thankfully, we love a challenge, and we now possess the means of solving it.
Green Ammonia Shipping emits over 1 billion tons of CO2 each year. At the same time, ammonia production emits another 500 million. Together, they account for 5% of the world’s annual CO2 footprint. Numbers that large shouldn’t stay that way, and green ammonia is the reason why they won’t.
Green Methanol Methanol may be the simplest alcohol we know of, but its applications are seemingly infinite – and so is its future. Its annual production exceeds 100 million tons worldwide, and once it begins seeing broader use as a sustainable transport fuel, methanol demand will only go up.
eFuels Imagine a decarbonized future without today’s transport industries. If it sounds impossible, that’s because it is: even in a sustainable world, planes need to fly, trucks need to drive, and ships need to sail. And since they’re tough to electrify, they all still need fuel. This means producers will need sustainable solutions – not only for the production of that fuel but for the chemistry behind the fuel, itself.
Battery Materials The development of better materials for use in rechargeable batteries is key to the future of many industries. We are now developing next-generation battery materials for rechargeable batteries that will be safer, lighter, more durable, faster to charge, more powerful, and more cost-effective.
Renewable Fuels Processing renewable feedstocks is complex. They can be converted to biofuels in many different ways, with a wide range of feedstocks. Because of this diversity, unit design is crucial – as is selecting and loading the right catalysts.

The world is changing - and so are we

Our scientific and technical knowledge, our experience and our partnership mindset make us unique to help navigate the energy transition.

Every industry and every company’s path to zero will be different. But the end goal for all is the same.

Let’s all get to the far side of zero.

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