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Power to what? Power-to-gas, Power-to-fuels, Power-to-chemicals, Power-to-hydrogen. And Power-to-so-much-more

A world which relies on renewable energy is a world that needs Power-to-X technologies.

So, what exactly is Power-to-X? It is a term which covers a number of processes. The common thread is using an electrolyzer to turn renewable electricity into hydrogen and then converting the hydrogen into other chemicals. What you end up with is a range of storable and transportable fuels which can power many different industries.

A concrete example: Power-to-X means you can store electricity from wind in winter or rays in summer for use all year round.


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Power-to-X is the transformation of green hydrogen, produced from water and electrolysis, into gas or liquid by the addition of carbon dioxide to serve as a fuel. The X stands for methane, liquid fuels, like diesel, gasoline, or kerosene, but could also take the form of chemicals.

Expert Consortium for green Power-to-Fuel project

The Power-to-Chemical project, led by Liquid Wind, will establish commercial-scale renewable fuel facilities. The Consortium, which includes Topsoe, will combine expertise and technology to produce liquid, carbon-neutral fuel in the form of eMethanol from captured carbon dioxide, and green hydrogen. This is a significant milestone in meeting the growing demand for methanol to be used for green fuels and chemicals to enable more sustainable transportation.

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In a sentence,
what is green hydrogen?
“Green hydrogen is the bridge between a wind turbine, or a solar panel, to fuels you can use in your everyday life; in a plane, in a car, or in a ship."

Sundus Cordelia Ramli
Chief Commercial Officer, Power-to-X

Green Hydrogen:


There is a lot of buzz around green hydrogen. But what is it, exactly?

Hydrogen has amazing properties as an energy carrier. This means you can combine pure hydrogen with many other chemicals to store and transport energy. The 'green' part means that the hydrogen has been produced using renewable energy.

To make pure green hydrogen you need water, an electrolyzer, and a source of renewable electricity to power it. Electrolyzers split water into oxygen and hydrogen. At Topsoe, we have made great strides in ensuring our electrolyzer is insanely efficient. More than 90% of the renewable electricity that enters our electrolyzer is preserved in the green hydrogen it produces.

Green hydrogen could supply up to 15% (vs less than 2% currently) of the world’s entire energy needs by 2050. From manufacturing to transportation, it can help us make, power, and store all while reducing emissions. Green hydrogen sits at the center of the technologies we need to reach net zero. Believe the hype.

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Green Hydrogen:

Mock up_Topsoe electrolyzer plant
Topsoe is building the world’s largest electrolyzer plant with 500 megawatt capacity per year and with an option to expand to 5 gigawatt.
(Sketch of the electrolyzer plant. Illustration: Topsoe)
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A staggering 90% of renewable electricity that enters Topsoe’s SOEC electrolyzer is preserved in the green hydrogen it produces – significantly outperforming other available technologies in the market.

To accelerate the adoption of this technology, Topsoe is investing in a manufacturing facility that will produce highly efficient solid oxide electrolyzers (SOEC). These electrolyzers will have a total capacity of 500 megawatts per year, with the potential to expand to a truly impressive 5 gigawatts per year. Expected to be operational by 2024, this facility will be the largest of its kind. 

What is hydrogen’s full potential by 2050?

  • The development of hydrogen solutions is expected to secure 6 gigatonnes of CO2 reduction annually
  • The hydrogen market will lead to approx. 30 million jobs, most of these jobs will be within green hydrogen
  • The hydrogen market is expected to be around $2.5 trillion
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