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Hydrocracking | Hydrocracker feed pretreatment

The growing interest in processing heavy oils with high nitrogen content has created a need for pretreatment catalysts with even higher hydrodenitrogenation (HDN) and hydrodesulfurization (HDS) activity. Without such pretreatment, organic nitrogen compounds would poison downstream hydrocracking catalysts and drive up costs by negatively impacting not only conversion and yield structure but also cycle length and product properties.

Proprietary HySwell™ and HyBRIM™ technologies enable Topsoe’s hydrocracker feed pretreatment catalysts to deliver unmatched high activity for HDS and, in particular, HDN. As the high activity protects the downstream hydrocracking catalyst, a lower catalyst density – thanks to improved utilization of active metals and modified carriers – reduces fill costs, amounting to significant savings for your refinery.

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Peter Andreas Nymann

Peter Andreas Nymann

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