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Hydrocracking | Maximum middle distillate yield

The hydrocracker is one of the most profitable units in your refinery, partly due to the volume swell, and partly because it converts heavy feedstocks into naphtha, jet fuel, diesel, and other high-value products. Even unconverted oil from your hydrocracker can serve as a high-quality feedstock for lube oil plants, fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) units or steam crackers.

Topsoe’s three maximum middle distillate hydrocracking catalyst series – the Red series for maximum hydrogenation, the Blue series for maximum cold-flow properties of diesel, and the D-sel™ series for maximum diesel yields – combine, with our BRIM® and HyBRIM™ pretreatment catalysts to deliver unmatched performance and flexibility. Add in high-performance Topsoe reactor internals, heavy poly-nuclear aromatic (HPNA) Trim™ technology, and other innovative process solutions for maximum middle distillate yields and higher refinery margins.


Red series Blue series D-SEL™ series
TK-921 TK-926 TK-939 D-sel™
TK-925 TK-943 TK-949 D-sel™
TK-927   TK-969 D-sel™


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