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    Discover how Topsoe’s range of proven technologies is ready to help you meet rising demand and produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel.


    The right routes

    Ground control, do you copy? At Topsoe we have developed the routes that we think are the best way to reach your destination: low-carbon travel.

    From the market-leading HydroFlex™ technology to the single-point license G2L™ Biofuels and eFuels, we have mapped out your optimal routes to achieving feedstock flexibility and ensuring green travel happens now.

    Whatever your feedstock, a low-carbon jet fuel with high yields and a high market value is possible.

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    Technologies tailored to your business


    Get full feedstock flexibility with HydroFlex™. This market-leading technology utilizes Topsoe’s hydroprocessing expertise to enable the processing of virgin oils, waste oils and fats, solid biomass, and plastic waste / tires to produce HEFA-based Sustainable Aviation Fuel with minimal Carbon Intensity (CI) compared to traditional petroleum aviation fuel.

    HydroFlex™ has a high number of running references, versatile process design, hardware, and a comprehensive range of proprietary catalysts for renewable fuel production.

    G2L™ BiofuelsDISCOVER MORE

    Go the synthetic- and gas-based route for Sustainable Aviation Fuel with G2L™ Biofuels. This commercially proven technology utilizes Topsoe’s hydroprocessing technologies as well as Sasol’s LTFT™ technology to produce Fischer-Tropsch Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene (FT-SPK).

    We supply the core technologies and engineering, catalysts, proprietary hardware, and technical services in a single-point license and offer a feed-in / product-out guarantee.

    G2L™ eFuels

    Create eFuels from renewable energy via green hydrogen, and from CO2 via carbon capture. By combining synthesis gas, Fischer-Tropsch and hydroprocessing technologies, the G2L™ eFuels solution efficiently produces FT-SPK/eJet and a green naphtha.

    The process is built around already proven solutions, integrating newly developed technologies liek our fully electrified eREACTTM. This means a viable way forward for establishing eFuels production is ready now.

    The Fischer-Tropsch technology is provided by our strategic partner Sasol under a single-point-license.


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