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High-quality products from low-value streams

Today, refineries have to produce more high-quality transportation fuels from heavier streams, while also improving profit margins. Our single-source supply of all the key elements of a hydrocracking unit comprising hydrocracker pretreatment, hydrocracking and grading catalysts, technology licensing including heavy poly-nuclear aromatic (HPNA) management solutions and high-performance reactor internals can help you maximize yields of the exact products you need – whether you process feeds, ranging from distillate to deasphalted oil (DAO), fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) slurry, and heavy coker gasoil – or shale oilcoal tarFischer Tropsch wax, and other unconventional feeds.

Topsoe solutions enable you to achieve better yield, greater efficiency, lower operating costs, reduced environmental impacts, and higher on-stream factor, as well as boosting your flexibility with regard to feedstocks, output, and to meet new market opportunities. Hence, our hydrocracking portfolio also fully supports new energy-transition applications, including HydroFlex™ and PureStep™.

We provide the know-how, technologies, and equipment to help you achieve the “balance of opportunities” that is best for you in volatile, unpredictable market conditions which require you to react quickly to make the most of commercial opportunities.


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