Мероприятия для студентов

Activities for students

Welcome to Haldor Topsoe’s website for students and teachers. Please feel free to find inspiration regarding your field of interest.

Primary Schools and High Schools

At Topsoe you have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with catalysis – how does catalysis play a role in day-to-day life and in the energy technological processes. Every year we are present at different fairs and activities related to primary and high schools such as Science in Forum (Denmark) and Girls day in science (Denmark).

It is important for us to let students get an insight into what Topsoe does and how catalysis contributes to solving the challenges of the future regarding environment and energy.  Furthermore, the students have a glimpse of what an education within science can lead to.


Topsoe has a close cooperation with universities and university students from the entire world. We receive visits from university students who learn about how our catalysts help making the world a better place. The content of the visits ranges broadly, from basic science in Nanostructures catalysis to development of new processes for design and construction of the industrial plants.

Please make sure to visit us at the job and career fairs at DSE (DTU Denmark), Kula (Sweden), Arkad (Sweden) and CBS (Denmark).

If you are interested in working with a project at Topsoe, please read more here.   

Laboratory and Technical Schools

Every year laboratory and technical schools visit Topsoe. The visits include a general introduction to the company and catalysis and a tour of our laboratories where you will meet our employees to learn about their everyday life in Topsoe.

At Topsoe we have a long tradition for cooperating with a number of laboratory and technical schools in Denmark. We sit in an educational committee for laboratory workers and we make sure that the program has the necessary and relevant content.

Topsoe engages each year in case studies with technical schools in Denmark to develop their knowledge about our products and technologies.