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We offer a wide range of technical services based on the needs of your plant and your business. We can assist you with successful start-up, and help you identify ways for optimizing your operations. We are also here for you when you need to troubleshoot unforeseen problems or when you want to identify and grasp new opportunities for developing your plant (and your people) through training. 



You're set for a safe and quick start-up with our well proven installation, loading and activation services. 



Supercharge your plant, unit and catalyst! And do it faster than through the old-style ‘learning by doing’ approach.



If you run into unexpected problems, we will be there to help you. Working closely with your team, our experts will help you mitigate any problems fast and safely.

Classroom training (1)

Topsoe Academy™

Tap into our 80 years of accumulated knowledge in plant design, revamps, catalysts and equipment.   


Well begun is half done! Doing a start-up is complicated and resource-demanding, whether it's an entire plant, individual units or singular equipment and catalysts. This holds especially true when new catalysts or equipment must be installed and brought online. By following the right procedures during installations, loading and activation activities, you're geared for a safe and quick start-up avoiding delays and minimizing any inherent risks. Our start-up services are built on our extensive industrial experience and offered as an in-office 'knowledge-sharing' service or on-site advisory.

Once your plant, unit or catalyst is safely up and running, you'll want to continuously optimize its performance to realize its full potential. Our experts can guide your optimization efforts across a broad spectrum of areas, steering you on a more efficient path than a simple 'learning by doing' approach. Our toolbox is packed with all the right optimization tools, including plant and catalyst performance monitoring, visual inspections, on-site assessments of critical equipment, sampling/analysis.
Ready to take support to the next level? Our connected service platform, ClearView™, enables closer collaboration between your process engineers and Topsoe experts to enhance the overall performance of your unit. 
Encountering unexpected problems is inevitable. The important thing is to make sure you can mitigate problems fast to save you valuable time and enable safer operation during and after troubleshooting.
We provide swift and professional troubleshooting, drawing on decades of experience within both catalyst, equipment, and process-related issues. Making use of our specialized equipment, simulation, and analytical capabilities, we work closely together with you on identifying ways for solving the problems, and removing their root causes, thus preventing them from recurring. 
Topsoe Academy™ training services


There is no substitute for experienced and well-trained people to help you reach the full potential of your plant. With Topsoe Academy™, we offer you a chance to tap into over 80 years of our accumulated knowledge and experience in plant design, revamps, catalysts, and equipment. 


Ongoing training and development will enhance your effectiveness in operating your plant and help you close any knowledge gaps you may haven’t discovered yet. Our own experts provide the training, which includes classroom instructions, digital on-demand learning (in selected areas only), and Operator Training Simulator (OTS), a customizable, state-of-the-art software that allows operators to practice and develop their skills in a virtual environment.