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Avoid overheating of your acid vessel nozzle

Design improvement

- easily implemented on all WSA plants, also yours!

As part of our commitment to you, Topsoe continually strives to improve the existing design of the WSA technology design.

The latest improvement is related to the acid vessel inlet nozzle. It is a simple design change, which can easily be implemented on all WSA plants, with the purpose of eliminating the risk of local overheating.

All new acid vessels now come equipped with an easy-removable PTFE insert in the inlet nozzle of the acid vessel. Since the PTFE insert has a higher design temperature compared to the ECTFE coating covering the rest of the acid vessel, it will thus better protect the inlet nozzle from overheating in case of insufficient mixing between hot and cold acid. The PTFE insert is furthermore extended into the acid vessel, so hot acid will be instantly cooled by the bulk acid without being in contact with the coating inside the vessel.

In case you would like to learn more about the PTFE insert for acid vessels or if you haven’t received a PTFE insert yet, then you are more than welcome to contact Topsoe’s technical service: