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Improving Plant Performance

Available Technical Services for WSA customers

The synergy between technology and catalyst is crucial to the optimization of plant performance. Topsoe’s extensive knowledge of catalyst behaviour and process design combined with industrial experience provides a strong knowledge base and process understanding. This forms the foundation of our technical support that is available to you.

Each WSA customer has the opportunity to sign a technical service contract including of the below mentioned technical services.

  • Annual Inspection During Shutdown (3-5 days on site).  The Topsoe mechanical expert evaluates equipment and makes recommendations for future maintenance and, if necessary, immediate repair. Special attention will be given to inspection for corrosion, including a check of insulation quality. Topsoe will also assist in sampling of catalyst in the SO2 Converter.
  • Annual Service visit (1-2 days on site). A Topsoe engineer will together with your personnel evaluate and discuss the plant operation.
  • Analysis of Samples. Up to eight samples per year of Topsoe catalyst, acid, equipment parts, etc. can be sent to Topsoe for analysis and evaluation. I.e. to predict the lifetime of the catalyst or planning replacement of parts.
  • Annual Plant Performance Measurement (5 days). On-site visit that includes measurement of SO2 conversion and SO2 and acid mist emissions. Measurements are used together with information from DCS to analyze the performance of the plant and provide you with recommendations of possible adjustments of the plant operation.
  • Troubleshooting. The agreement gives the opportunity to receive both telephone/email troubleshooting and recommendation to all issues related to the plant as well as on site emergency support at an agreed cost.
  • Analysis of operating data. Topsoe will review operating data from you and provide you with recommendations for operation of the plant including start-up and shut down conditions.
  • Online Support. “Live” on-line troubleshooting analysing and processing mechanical and instrument issues via your DCS.

Our support is not limited to the services listed above but gives you an overviwe of technical services that are available to you.