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Webinar Series

Co-processing: the fast-track to Sustainable Aviation Fuel production  

November 2, 2023 at 09:00 AM-10:00 AM

November 2, 2023 at 05:00 PM-06:00 PM 

Transitioning into the renewable era for conventional refineries doesn’t have to require major modifications, high costs or large amounts of time. 

By replacing the fossil feedstock in your existing hydrotreating units with some amounts of renewable feedstock, you can produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and fulfill the SAF blending mandates that have emerged in different regions.

A small step for your refinery. A giant leap for the environment. 

Demand for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is high today and will continue to be so in the future. SAF is recognized as the most important solution currently available to the aviation industry. It will decarbonize existing aircrafts today as well as in 30 years, when the current air fleet is still in operation.

But supply is still limited, and co-processing is the currently easiest solution on the market to start producing high-margin renewable fuel.  

Join this webinar to: 
•    Learn how a conventional refinery can start producing SAF through viable and scalable co-processing.
•    Understand the types and amounts of feedstock you can co-process.
•    Get an overview of the confusing legislative framework surrounding SAF and co-processing (EU and CORSIA).
•    Learn more about SAF’s technical specifications and their differences. We will cover the differences between specifications ASTM 1655/23 and D7566.
•    Raise your question at the live Q&A at the end

Webinar speakers
•    Ignacio Fabián Costa – Licensing Manager with Topsoe
•    Sylvain Verdier – Senior Business Strategy Manager with Topsoe
•    Ole Frej Alkilde – Technology Manager with Topsoe

LINK TO WEBINAR 09:00-10.00 AM

LINK TO WEBINAR 05:00-06:00 PM