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Topsoe Academy™ - LiveShare webinar series

Topsoe Academy™ and Topsoe’s technical experts are devoted to helping hydroprocessing plants improve their operations. Due to COVID-19 and global travel restrictions, we are unable to provide face-to-face training and services like we used to.

For this reason, we now offer an exclusive series of LiveShare webinars where we will share our knowledge and know-how on various topics such as troubleshooting of hydroprocessing units, processing of renewable feedstocks or the latest developments in catalyst technologies to name a few topics. Check the complete list below and do sign up for these upcoming webinars.

Session overview (each session is scheduled for 1 hour): 

28th October 2021: How to improve the operation of your hydrotreater or hydrocracker thanks to pilot testing?

18th November 2021: The greenest hydrogen is the hydrogen you don’t have to make.

9th December 2021: Monetize your renewable energy and sustainable CO2 with eFuels production.

14th December 2021: Haldor Topsoe Purify™ - Low Temperature Sulfur and Mercury Removal.

13th January 2022: Tune your hydrocracker to co-process renewable feedstocks.

26th January 2022: Minimize RON loss in your FCC gasoline post-treatment unit.

24th February 2022: Unlock the product flexibility of your hydrocracker.

17th March 2022: How to minimize GHG emissions in a hydroprocessing unit?

7th April 2022: How to upgrade plastic pyrolysis oil and make it suitable for a steam cracker?

28th April 2022: 50 colors of hydrogen.

19th May 2022: How to convert a methane-rich gas into high quality gasoline?

9th June 2022: How to minimize catalyst deactivation and pressure drop in your hydroprocessing units?