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First of all thanks to all of you who took the opportunity to share your opinion on technical service in relation to WSA.

We are proud to say that WSA customers are highly satisfied with the WSA plant performance and the technical support received.

The survey showed that there has been a significant improvement within all aspects of WSA technical service the last couple of years.

Figure: Result from telephone interviews conducted in 23 countries.
Blue is rating from 2011, red is rating from december 2014.
Satisfaction level from 1-10 where 10 is best rating.
Only scores higher than 7.75 can be considered okay based on research conducted by EFQM, European Foundation for Quality Management.

From the survey we see a clear tendency that both management and operators worry about meeting emission levels and the impact that it wil have if the upstream unit needs to be closed. Hence it is a clear denominator that challenges with the operation of the plant and the reduction of unscheduled shutdowns, especially due to corrosion, has a high attentiveness. At Topsoe we clearly see this tendency as a wish from your site to receive spare parts much faster and a higer frequency of technical service on-site visits.

man_with_hat_hexagon_0The areas we need to improve on are identified to be:

  • Delivery time of spare parts
  • Response time when providing technical support
  • The frequency of visits to your site

The actions that will be taken:

  • We will share more valuable knowledge on how you can prevent upsets in your plant including corrosion
  • Provide faster proposals and spare part deliveries
  • Develop tools and services making it easier for you to improve on plant performance
  • Offer service contracts to those of you who need our assistance with plant performance improvements

You can find more information about the customer survey and service contract by clicking on the links.

> Service Contracts