VOC abatement

VOC Abatement

voc_abatement_0High cleaning efficiency: With Topsoe's catalysts it is possible to vary the amount of catalyst as well as the temperature level, making it possible to obtain a cleaning efficiency of typically 99.5% or higher.

Catalytic oxidation

Organic contaminants in industrial flue- and waste gases are effectively removed at low temperature by catalytic oxidation. Topsoe has developed the CK-series of oxidation catalysts which are based on combinations of oxides of copper, manganese, chromium or on precious metals.

Volatile organic compounds, VOCs, all have individual properties and require particular attention. A significant effort is therefore invested in an incessant improvement of our design basis through measurements of catalytic activity and selectivity for numerous VOCs over different Topsoe CK catalysts.

Long-term tests in laboratory and bench scale test units and in industrial pilots are carried out to investigate the resistance of the catalysts towards potential poisons, e.g., compounds containing sulfur, halogens, silicon, phosphorus etc. and to establish and refine design criteria for each catalyst type.